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Shade Sails

A Shade Sail is available in just about any shape.

Shade Sails are attached to free standing uprights (or suitable existing structures) with Stainless Steel 304 fittings and therefore do not require any form of structural roofing support.

Shade Sail fixing points ideally should be set at least at two alternate heights (this is to ensure that the sail does not trap water). Generally a square or rectangular shaped Sail will require two higher and two lower fixing points, with posts of equal height set at diagonally opposite corners.

A triangular shaped Sail will require at least one higher fixing point.

Our Shade Sails are fabricated from premium high grade extra heavy duty cloth offering up to 96% UV protection which has been interlock seamed with twin lock stitching. All Shade Sail corners are hemmed with heavy duty UV stabilised (seat belt) webbing which is sewn-in through a Stainless Steel 304 ‘D’ rings used to attached to the corner fittings.


Shadecloth is the perfect outdoor fabric. Designed to breathe, it allows cooling breezes to flow through, significantly reducing temperatures beneath. Special dyeing process prevents tearing and fraying and the special process ensures colours remain vivid for years

Colour Range

Midnight Green

Light Green
Navy Blue
Slate Grey


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