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Tensile Membrane

Our tension membrane product are using high quality of PVTE tensile fabric, and galvanized steel pipe structure, with highly precision joint for your satisfaction. We provide both customized products with modular unit system and also the tailor-made products based on your space and needs.

A tension membrane can be a great solution for covering your building’s outdoor area, such as alfresco, security check point, etc.

Tensile Membrane - Ubud (2)

Tensile membrane structures are most often used as roofs as they can economically and attractively span large distances.

A Tensile Membranes are a perfect combination of architecture and engineering. We combine fabric of high tensile strength and flexibility together with a support system to form stable bent surfaces of certain firmness.

This creates expansive dramatic spaces that withstand the extremes of the outdoor elements. Features such as, lightweight structure, fire-resistance, ease of fabrication, quick installation, energy savings and low maintenance explain why Tensile Membranes have been used in a wide variety of applications all over the world.

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